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Pro Tips: Installing Clamps on a DPF System
Our expert technician shares tips and tricks on how to replace the V-Band and Dual-Band clamps and gaskets on a DPF system to ensure a proper seal and the best performance.
Pro Tips: Inspecting and Cleaning a DPF System
This video on DPF maintenance takes you through the proper inspection and cleaning process, covering gasket removal and the importance of using a dual-band clamp.
Pro Tips: Ensuring the Best Performance from Aftermarket Clamps
Three master technicians share tips on choosing the right automotive clamp and ensuring proper installation and performance so you can avoid premature failure.
Pro Tips: Installing an Air Intake Clamp
Air intake clamps are thinner and smaller so require careful attention. Our repair expert shows you the four installation steps needed and the best clamp for the job.
Pro Tips: Replacing an Exhaust Clamp
Check out the easiest way to remove an exhaust clamp that’s been rusted on due to salt and corrosion and the type of clamp you should use to replace it.
Diesel Aftertreatment System Cutaway
We show you all the components that make up a diesel aftertreatment system, from the end cap to the clamps and gaskets to the oxidation catalyst.
Diesel Particulate Filter Regulatory and Maintenance Tips
Help your customers improve fuel economy, enhance vehicle performance and avoid downtime with these maintenance tips for today's diesel particulate filters.
NORMA Americas Distribution Services
We’re proud to serve our customers across the globe in literally every industry, from automotive and agriculture to aerospace and military.
NORMA Clamp Corrosion and Temperature Performance Testing
In part two of a two-part R&D series, we show how our Torca Coupler and AccuSeal clamps withstand grueling temperature and corrosion extremes.
NORMA Clamp Strength and Durability Testing
In part one of a two-part R&D series, we test our new BREEZE general purpose clamp for tensile strength and an R.G.Ray clamp for radial load.
NORMA Launches its First-Ever DPF Kit
Check out what components make up the diesel particulate filter and how our new DPF kits help reduce inventory and make cleaning easier.