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Two Tips to Avoid Automotive Exhaust Clamp Failures

October 2019

If you are a professional technician, you’ve probably seen your share of exhaust clamp failures. The complaint usually starts with a call that your customer hears a ringing sound under the car when the engine is running. When the car is on a hoist, it quickly becomes apparent that a failed exhaust clamp is to blame. At NORMA, we typically hear about two types of failures. First is the clamp failing due to rust and corrosion. The second is due to re-use. This is why we can’t stress enough how important it is to use OE-quality clamps. We are original equipment on the majority of vehicles on the road today because our products are rigorously tested and designed to withstand today’s driving conditions.

In the first scenario, a U-Bolt clamp will rust out and give way, potentially causing an exhaust leak and at the very least, an annoying ringing noise. This is definitely a situation where the clamp’s quality comes into play. NORMA pipe clamps provide great durability and they are the same as what’s original on many makes and models.

The second failure we hear of comes from technicians who re-use clamps that have already been in service. This clamp style is referred to as TTY, meaning torque to yield. What does that really mean? When the clamp is properly tightened, the U-Bolt is stretched slightly beyond its original shape. This ensures that it stays tight for the life of the exhaust system. When re-using a clamp that has been previously stretched, the metal weakens significantly and increases the chances of breakage during operation. This again results in a ringing noise, a comeback and an unhappy customer.