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Torca TorcTite Exhaust Clamp
Torca TorcTite Exhaust Clamp

Torca TorcTite Exhaust Clamp

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Torca’s reaction block technology provides a secure 360º sealing design for simple exhaust system applications. The TorcTite exhaust clamp is a pre-assembled wide banded clamp that eliminates the need for additional pipes and other exhaust materials. The perfect solution for a variety of pipe, muffler and exhaust needs, the Torca TorcTite exhaust clamp is available in three style configurations: butt style, lap style and lap style with gasket ensuring superior clamp load capacity.

Detailed Description

Torca TorcTite exhaust clamps provide quick, durable joining solutions for exhaust system connections. Engineered to the highest standards of durability, this stainless steel clamp is the ideal choice for heavy-duty exhaust repair jobs. It features a 2" to 6" diameter range and a 3.35" bandwidth. Helping today’s technicians reduce assembly cost and time, Torca TorcTite clamps additionally support high environmental pipe, exhaust and muffler conditions.

Product Specification

Product Specifications Coming Soon

Brand Information

Torca has been engineering superior Torca joining solutions for the automotive and industrial exhaust market for almost 50 years. As the inventor of the original reaction block technology that set the industry standard for exhaust clamp sealing performance, Torca exhaust clamps continue to focus on product enhancements and innovation. Proudly developed and manufactured to OE specifications, Torca products provide the best performance, with the least material, for maximum efficiency to the overall system.