R.G.Ray Flex Roll Formed V-Clamp

The Flex Roll Formed V-Clamp is the perfect solution for pumps and swimming pool filtration system applications. Its small, compact profile allows for quick installation across applications that have restricted clearance.

Detailed Description

The R.G.Ray Flex Roll Formed V-Clamp consists of a partial outer band welded to two 180˚ V-Retainers. It also includes an added flexible band segment (hinge) connection. The V-Clamp has a compact profile that allows for simple adjustments on flanges with minimal room for movement. And with a 3 1/2" to 12" diameter range, it is engineered with corrosion and heat resistant material to ensure optimal flange protection.

Product Specification

R.G.Ray Flex Roll Formed V-Clamp Specifications

Brand Information

R.G.RAY has been a leading supplier of heavy-duty engineered clamps for the commercial and passenger vehicle industries for more almost 50 years. With a focus on specialty products that include heavy-duty T-Bolt and FLEX SEAL hose clamps, V-Band and V-Retainer clamps, special strap assemblies and a broad variety of special application clamps, we manufacture R.G.RAY products to exacting OE specifications that consistently meet customer requirements for the most challenging applications.