FiveStar Muffler Mounting Clamp

The FiveStar Muffler Mounting clamp is a cost-effective stainless steel solution for a wide array of industry applications. This mounting product features a bright tempered, stainless steel band that can be customized with varying perforation sizes and ear heights. Specifically, it can be made in round or oval diameters.

Detailed Description

The FiveStar Muffler Mounting clamp is the perfect heavy-duty mounting solution for motor vehicles, motorcycles and industrial market applications. This product comes with customizable diameters and perforations. With its .048" or .060" bright annealed stainless steel band, oval or round shapes, and 3.5" to 4.94" nominal diameter range; this clamp’s clean design ensures quick, smooth installation. This FiveStar product features a high-strength design that ensures mounting around serviceable muffler joints. The Muffler Mounting clamp is also available in various black powder coated finishes.

Product Specification

FiveStar Muffler Mounting Clamp Product Specifications

Brand Information

The FiveStar brand offers a wide variety of quality, heavy-duty clamping options for the commercial vehicle, passenger vehicle, power sports and industrial markets. Produced originally to meet military standards, FiveStar products are made tough and reliable.