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NORMA offers several hose clamp types – T-Bolts, worm drive hose clamps, embossed hose clamps, spring loaded T-Bolts, heavy-duty hose clamps and constant tension hose clamps. They are all used across a number of different industries including passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle, industrial-manufacturing, white goods and more. The most common hose clamp is the worm drive hose clamp. It’s called a worm drive clamp because of the way the screw tightens the clamp. Ours are sold under the BREEZE and Torca brands at NORMA and are extremely versatile, OEM quality hose clamps.

Next is the T-Bolt hose clamp. This style of hose clamp is built tough for extreme use and can be frequently found in heavy-duty applications like turbo charged air intakes. Engineered in a wide variety of solutions to seal off liquid and air from hose connections, the T-Bolt provides more clamping force than worm drives and can expand and contract under extreme temperatures to provide an ultra-secure seal.

Another hose clamp is the constant-tension hose clamp. These are used in situations where there is a wide temperature swing and the clamp can expand and contract by itself. This re-tensioning during temperature changes helps prevent ‘cold-flow’ leaks. Often times, heavy-duty hose clamps are a constant-tension design due to the varying temperatures in these types of applications.