27-57MH FiveStar
27-57MH FiveStar

Barrel Band Clamp



The FiveStar Barrel Band clamp provides a cost effective, low-profile solution for an array of industry applications.

Passenger Vehicle;Commercial Vehicle;Industrial-Manufacturing

Detailed Description

The FiveStar Barrel Band clamp is a heavy-duty clamping option for commercial and passenger vehicles and other industrial markets. With its .025" by 3/4" stainless steel band, M6 1.0mm socket head cap screw, barrel nut and trunnion hardware, FiveStar’s sleek design ensures a clean, smooth installation. The barrel style hose clamp has a 1.06 to 6.18" diameter range.

Product Specification

Nominal Diameter / Clamp Size:
Number of Inserts:
Installation Torque (In Lb):
Insert Angle (degrees):
Insert Thickness (Inches and MM):
Insert Apex Width (Inches and MM)):
Insert Depth (Inches and MM):
Band Thickness (Inches and MM):
Band Width (Inches and MM):
Material Type:
Stainless Steel
Steel Type Bolt/Screw:
Plated Carbon Steel
Steel Type Band:
300 Series
Steel Type Insert:

Brand Information

The FiveStar brand offers a wide variety of quality, heavy-duty clamping options for the commercial vehicle, passenger vehicle, power sports and industrial-manufacturing markets. With several products manufactured in the USA, FiveStar products embody superior craftsmanship and performance. Originally established to meet the toughest military standards, FiveStar provides uncompromising quality even in the toughest of applications.

With a full line of FiveStar regular and FiveStar heavy-duty clamps, you can rest assured that the brand has a solution specifically for your challenge.