0367 6203 050 Torca
0367 6203 050 Torca

409 Euro Coupler

#0367 6203 050


The Torca Euro Coupler is a cost-effective way for joining exhaust system components without the need for pipe flares, slip joints or slotting. This clamp offers superior clamp load capability and a serviceable joint. With high coupling force and minimal material usage, Torca provides maximum performance throughout the entire system. The Euro Coupler is generally used for various automotive and industrial applications.

Passenger Vehicle;Commercial Vehicle

Detailed Description

The Torca Euro Coupler is a pre-assembled butt joint style connection that allows for quick assembly and service of exhaust pipes. Torca Euro Couplers provide significant resistance to longitudinal and rotational movement of pipes. The 15mm max gap allows for large insertion per pipe. This all-stainless steel connector has a 3 7/16" bandwidth and a 1 3/4" to 2 9/16" diameter range to meet a wide array of size requirements.

Product Specification

Nominal Diameter / Clamp Size:
Number of Inserts:
Installation Torque (In Lb):
Insert Angle (degrees):
Insert Thickness (Inches and MM):
Insert Apex Width (Inches and MM)):
Insert Depth (Inches and MM):
Band Thickness (Inches and MM):
Band Width (Inches and MM):
Material Type:
Stainless Steel
Steel Type Bolt/Screw:
Steel Type Band:
Steel Type Insert:

Brand Information

Torca has been engineering superior Torca joining solutions for the automotive and industrial exhaust market for almost 50 years. As the inventor of the original reaction block technology that set the industry standard for exhaust clamp sealing performance, Torca exhaust clamps continue to focus on product enhancements and innovation. Proudly developed and manufactured to OE specifications, Torca products provide the best performance, with the least material, for maximum efficiency to the overall system.