Uni-Flex V-Clamp


The Uni-Flex V-Clamp is a cost-effective continuously formed metal band. Its compact profile allows for smooth installation across applications that have restricted clearance such as diesel exhaust systems and turbocharger applications.

Detailed Description

R.G.Ray’s Uni-Flex V-Clamp consists of a continuous v-retainer and a partial outer band. Its compact profile allows for simple adjustments on flanges. It has two 180º V-retainers and a hinge point for extra flexible force. This R.G.Ray product has a 4" to 9" diameter range and an added band for flexibility. This clamp is engineered with corrosion and heat resistant material to ensure full protection.

Product Specification

Nominal Diameter / Clamp Size:
Number of Inserts:
Installation Torque (In Lb):
75 in. lbs./8.5Nm
Insert Angle (degrees):
Insert Thickness (Inches and MM):
Insert Apex Width (Inches and MM)):
Insert Depth (Inches and MM):
Band Thickness (Inches and MM):
Band Width (Inches and MM):
Material Type:
Stainless Steel
Steel Type Bolt/Screw:
Steel Type Band:
301 302 or 304
Steel Type Insert:
300 Series

Brand Information

R.G.RAY has been a leading supplier of heavy-duty engineered clamps for the commercial and passenger vehicle industries for more almost 50 years. With a focus on specialty products that include heavy-duty T-Bolt and FLEX SEAL hose clamps, V-Band and V-Retainer clamps, special strap assemblies and a broad variety of special application clamps, we manufacture R.G.RAY products to exacting OE specifications that consistently meet customer requirements for the most challenging applications.