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ABA Safeseal Technology™                                         Aluzinc

Reliable                                                         Our standard bands are made from an aluzinc material, which
                                                                 provides roughly three times better corrosion protection than
ABA clamps are designed to have a clamping force reserve         traditional galvanization. An aluzinc band, in conjunction with
and not break. They will reliably continue to develop a sealing  our product design, provides the optimum clamping force.
force around the hose when tightened (see blue line Fig. 1)
360° around the joint.                                           ABA – for a better environment and quality

                                                                 ABA clamps are produced in factories certified to ISO 14001
                                                                 and our products can be reused many times thanks to the
                                                                 high and constant quality continuously surveyed in our ISO
                                                                 9000:2000, as well as ISO TS 16949 systems.

                                                                 ABA Mechanical efficiency and strength

One-piece pressed housing

The worm-gear housing is pressed from custom-made piping
to an interior tolerance of a few hundredths of a millimeter.
ABA worm-gear housings withstand high breaking torques
due to the design, in comparison with riveted, welded, or
folded housing designs.

High clamping force                                              Fig 1. Mechanical efficiency of ABA clamps, i.e., the relation
                                                                 of tightening torque and sealing force. (2-sector “mechanical
A good clamp should be able to develop a high level of           efficiency” test. Force: Newton, Speed: 200 rpm.)
tightening force around the hose or pipe. The even tightening
force secures a tight seal. Through the installation torque
you decide on the level of force to apply.

Gentle on the hose

The smooth underside and rolled-up band edges are gentle
on the hose and reduce the risk of leakages.

A choice of hose clamp is a choice of clamping force. Bear in
mind that settings in the rubber will, in the long term, reduce
the clamping force. Is the clamping force you have selected
strong enough?

Be sure – choose ABA Original clamps.

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