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Profiled band
                          tongue for added

                                                                   9mm 304
                                                                   stainless steel
                                                                   (W4) band


Pre-galvanized (W1)
stainless steel
9mm band (S10)

                                  Mini W4 available with phillips
                                  hex-head screw (S40)

12mm band available                                                                 Safeā„¢
in aluzinc plated pre-
galvanized steel (W1) or
304 stainless steel (W4)

                          Jointless housing features                                Protective liner made of
                          a cut-back base; better for                               300-Series stainless steel
                          smaller dimension hoses                                   for added protection of
                                                                                    soft hoses
                                 9mm band is available in
                                 S20 or S50 (W5) stainless


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