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Hose Clamps

ABA Hose Clamps feature high-torque no-joint, one-piece housings and non-perforated bands with rolled edges for the ultimate in
hose protection. In both our Original and Mini versions, ABA hose clamps offer material choices in bands, housings and diameter
ranges to meet the needs of virtually any application. ABA clamps are available in marine-grade corrosion-resistant materials and in
a standard aluzinc finish with the iconic blue housing that has helped them stand out for more than a century.

8mm slotted hex-                            Iconic blue one-
head standard                               piece housing


                       Non-perforated                              S20
                       embossed band with a
                       smoothed interior for
                       added hose protection

                       Original Series


Acid-resistant                              Innovative, jointless
steels (S50 &                               housing design for
S60)                                        reduced complexity

                  SMO                                              Rolled-up band edge for
                                                                   safety and reduced risk
                                                                   of hose damage

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