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Pressure-Pipe Couplings

NORMA produces a full range of pipe connecting clamps, designed for both axial restraint and non-restraint applications. Engineered
to stand up in the harshest environments, these couplings come with a variety of closure options and anchoring enhancements to
allow secure connections without damage to softer pipe materials. Flame-protective housings are available for new and retro-fit
installations, as well as a special clamp to repair damaged pipes.

COMBI-GRIP E                                   Stainless steel housing
                                               with EPDM/NBR
                                               inner rIng

                                                                        Integrated flame-
                                                                        protective housing
                                                                        can withstand up
                                                                        to 850┬║ C

                                                                             GRIP E-FP

     Anchoring rings with                                               Low-weight and made with
     conical teeth                                                      environmentally friendly
Patented double-lip
sealing system

Optional support sleeve       PLAST-GRIP
available to reduce
deformation of plastic pipes                                            Hollow trunnions
                                                                        with heavy-duty
                                                                        lock bars


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