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Barrel-Style Clamps

NORMA barrel-style clamps feature robust T-Bolt closures for heavy-duty applications, such as fastening compressed air hoses with
high degrees of hardness or plastic/steel reinforcement. Available in a wide range of band widths and diameters to meet virtually
any need, they feature exceptionally high levels of band tensile force. Clamps are available in aluzinc and several hardnesses of
stainless steel to allow for the ideal blend of corrosion-resistance and strength.

Heavy-Duty T-Bolt                                                                    Mechanically locked closure
design with hollow
trunnions for lock

Demonstrates                                                                         GBS
exceptionally high
levels of tensile force

     Wide band, rounded
     edges, and bridge
     for increased hose

Spring-Band Clamps                                                                   Low-profile, bolt
                                                                                     free, crimp-style connector
NORMA pinch-type clamps feature a one-piece, low-profile design, that
provides a bolt-free “crimp” style connector for tremendous ease of installation.
The clamp’s low overall height enables precise installation in even the tightest of
spaces, and their no-maintenance engineering gives trouble-free service. Made
of highly corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel, they are available in two band
widths and a full range of diameters.

                        Spring band ensures                                                       COBRA
                        automatic re-tensioning                      FBS
                        for extended periods
                                                                                                                  Band with rounded
                                      Special C75S coating                                                        edges for hose
                                      is chromium-free                                                            protection

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