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Worm-Drive Hose Clamps

NORMA brings legendary German craftsmanship to hose clamp technology, creating world-class worm-drive clamps
for automotive, industrial, and marine applications. With their hallmark asymmetrical construction and standard-setting
embossed band strength, they are ideal for applications with high mechanical loads. We offer clamps in standard and
constant-tension styles, with a wide range of diameters and choices of materials to meet nearly any need.

                                            TORRO®  Characteristic asymmetrical housing
                                                    construction improves distribution
                                                    and impedes tilting

Short housing saddle for
even contact and
improved efficiency

                                            Smooth or stamped inner
                                            band available for optimal
                                            hose protection and high
                                            mechanical loads


             Built-in spring insert for automatic
             re-tensioning effect


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