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A World of
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The NORMA Group’s Distribution Services within NORMA Americas offers access to a full range of products produced in North
America and Europe through our Distribution Center in Lake Orion, Michigan. Utilizing over 74,000 square feet of warehouse
space, and stocking more than 2,500 SKUs, this center offers a full spectrum of packaging, shipping, and labeling solutions
to meet the needs of customers.
Our logistical expertise allows us to fill even complex orders rapidly. All in-stock SKUs are guaranteed to ship within 48 hours.
Our corporate culture has always been driven by the desire to exceed the expectations of our customers. This vision is shared
by our employees worldwide, and our Distribution Center staff takes pride in their key role in delivering on this promise.

                                      Many of the products featured in this catalog are part of our NORMA Americas QuickShip
                                      program and are ready to ship within 48 hours of receipt of your order*. The NORMA Americas
                                      QuickShip program is designed to offer you the highest quality products when you need them.
                                      *Orders must comply with program specifications. Contact your sales manager for guidelines.

                                                        | 1.855.NORMA2U 3
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