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The Widest Range of Joining Technology

The NORMA Group of companies represent the world’s leading joining technology manufacturers. We offer clamps and joining
solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of applications and industries – automotive, commercial vehicle, general industrial,
marine, and commercial development. Our products have reshaped what is possible with cooling systems, air suction
and induction, auxiliary systems, and infrastructure.

NORMA Group products are distributed through a global network of highly valued brands – ABA, Breeze, Clamp-All, NORMA,
R.G.RAY, Torca, and FiveStar – who specialize in volume distribution within their markets, ensuring that the commercial
aftermarket is served economically and efficiently.

With more than 35,000 SKUs available to the global market, NORMA Group is the world’s premier supplier of clamping and joining
products, helping customers with mission-critical solutions to their unique challenges in the automotive, heavy vehicle, agricultural,
marine, and construction industries.
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