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No-Hub Plumbing Couplings

Clamp-All provides safe, secure pipe couplings to meet the plumbing industry’s need for a heavy-duty, commercial grade system for critical
environmental conditions. Our corrosion-resistant materials are durable and offer maximum strength for sanitary drain, waste, and vent
(DWV) piping systems, above and below ground. Designed with flexible rigidity, Clamp-All couplings maintain hydrostatic integrity in the
most high-demand applications, and our intelligent bushing system allows pipes of differing diameters to be securely joined.

                                                                                                                                 Hi-Torque™ 125

              Corrosion-resistant 305                             Slotted shield design
              stainless steel screws                              improves diameter
              with 5/16" head                                     compensation

Durable seamless                                                            24-Gauge 304
neoprene gasket                                                             stainless steel shield

                                                                  High-strength, high-              Clamp-All couplings
                                                                  load 304 stainless                are certified to FM
                                                                  steel clamp                       1680 class 1 & UPC
Approvals and Listings

                 FM                             IAPMO                       SBCCI                         ICC ES                        ASTM

     Approved to FM 1680 Class I,15 PSI  Listed by IAPMO - #2189  SBCCI Evaluation Report #9488  Refer to ICC Evaluation Report  Conforms to: ASTM A-666
                                                                       for Code Compliance               ICC-ES 94-20                   ASTM C-564


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