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V-Band Clamps

Breeze V-Band clamps are designed for flanged joint
connections in demanding environments, like heavy-duty
diesel exhaust and turbochargers. Available in T-Bolt,
Hi-Torque and Aero-Seal design options, Breeze V-Band
clamps come in two- and three-segment configurations
to provide high-strength joints with positive sealing
integrity in a variety of applications.

                                                                                V-insert available in
                                                                                two or three segments,
                                                                                ideal for connecting
                                                                                flanged joints


300-Series stainless
steel band and insert

Available in T-Bolt,                           Welded construction
Hi-Torque, and
Aero-Seal designs

                    Locking and free-spinning
                    nut options

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