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Constant-Tension Clamps                                                                            Spring-Loaded
                                                                                                   T-Bolt Clamp
FiveStar offers spring-regulated, constant-tension clamps in
both T-Bolt and Barrel styles to meet the needs of a wide variety
of applications. The innovative spring design keeps clamping loads
constant, even in environments that undergo wide temperature
or pressure variations. Available in zinc-plated and all-stainless
versions, they are ideal for automotive, commercial vehicle,
industrial, and marine applications.

                         Spring-loaded constant
                         tension improves sealing
                         as changes in the surrounding
                         environment occur

Tightening options include hex nut, knob,  Quick-Release
T-handle, and wing nut designs             outer band for fast,
                                           easy assembly
                                                                    V-Band Clamps
                                           V-inserts                Made of corrosion-resistant steels, FiveStar V-Band Clamps
                                                                    are available in general purpose and quick-release versions
                       Quick-                                       to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications. Generally
                       Release                                      used to connect flanged pipes, they are well-suited to
                       V-Clamp                                      service in turbocharging systems, as well as general use
                                                                    in diesel systems and other demanding environments.
Optional                                                            The quick release option makes these clamps perfect in
electro-polish finish                                               applications requiring frequent service.

                            General Purpose V-Clamp

Retaining and Mounting Clamps                                                                      Offered in flat,
                                                                                                   round, or custom
FiveStar offers a broad portfolio of retaining and mounting clamps to meet the needs of customers  length shapes
in a wide range of automotive, industrial, and commercial enterprises. From muffler mounting
clamps to heavy-duty T-Bolt mounting systems and large strap clamps, FiveStar products
deliver superior performance. They are available in a full range of materials
and finishes, making them as aesthetically pleasing as they are tough.

                                           Quick-Release                                                             Strap
                                           T-Bolt Mounting                                                           Clamp
                            Muffler Clamp

Band available with custom      Clear or yellow                                                                      MADE IN THE
perforations and optional       chromium-free bracket
finishes                        and hardware                                                                         USA

                                                           | 1.855.NORMA2U 125
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