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Barrel Band Clamps

FiveStar Barrel-style clamps have a low-profile design, making them ideal for tight areas and applications with limited access.
The 3/4” stainless steel bands deliver durable performance and are available in a .025” standard and .040” heavy-duty
thicknesses, from diameter ranges of 1” to 13.75”. They are well-suited to automotive, commercial vehicle, and industrial uses.

                                                                                                                          CRS, zinc-plated

M6 socket                                         3/4" High-strength stainless
head cap                                          steel band

                                                                                Barrel Band Clamp

                                                                                                     .025" Thick band

T-Bolt Band Clamps

FiveStar T-Bolt clamps feature a heavy-duty, high-strength design and are constructed with a 3/4" stainless steel band with
a shoe for even loading. They are made with 1/4"-28 hardware in both zinc-plated or all-stainless versions. Available in
diameter ranges from 1” to 13.88”, they are ideal for a wide variety of automotive, industrial, and marine applications.

                                                  360º seal with the use of a
                                                  shoe or bridge design

1/4"-28 bolt and hardware
available in zinc-plated or
all-stainless steel

                                                  3/4" Stainless steel
                                                  band with shoe

                           T-Bolt Clamp



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