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                              Floating bridge
                              for 360º sealing


Bolts available in carbon or        Constant-tension,        HD Spring-Loaded
stainless steel and locking         heavy-duty spring        T-Bolt
or free-spinning nut                construction

                              Bands made of 300-Series
                              stainless steel

T-Bolt Hose Clamps

Breeze T-Bolt hose clamps demonstrate the perfect blend of high-strength durability and installation ease. Available in several
styles – including standard and heavy-duty spring versions – Breeze T-Bolts are the industry standard for automotive, industrial,
and marine uses. A full range of diameter sizes and a wide variety of material choices make Breeze T-Bolts the clear choice for
nearly any operational environment.

           standard spring

             Floating bridge
             for 360º loading

                              Spring-Loaded                  Merchandisers              MADE IN THE
                                                             See pages 38-39            USA

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