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Retaining and Mounting Clamps

R.G.RAY makes a variety of mounting and retaining clamps to secure everything from mufflers and heat shields, to canisters,

oil coolers, tanks and reservoirs, pipes and grab bars. A range of band materials, closures and features – such as rounded

band edges, and quick-connect latches – make them ideal for applications in the automotive, general industrial and agricultural


                          Mounting locations offered in       R.G.RAY
                          round or special shapes with spot-
                          welded or mechanically clinched

                                                              Mounting Clamp

                          Hand tighten
                          plastic knob

                          Off-set brackets
                          with special holes

Muffler & Heat
Shield Clamp

                          Options include holes or
                          welded nuts in base bracket
                          and rubber-lined bands

             R.G.RAY      Band material available
             Strap Clamp  in aluminized steel or
                          stainless steel

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