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Constant-Tension Hose Clamps

R.G.RAY Flex Seal™ T-Bolt Clamps feature a durable, high-quality spring design in the fastener to provide constant tension in
environments that undergo significant changes in temperature. All clamps feature stainless steel bands and a floating bridge design
for 360° loading. Our constant-tension clamps are ideal for demanding marine, automotive, and industrial applications.

                      R.G.RAY                    R.G.RAY
                      Mini Flex Seal™            Flex Seal™


                                                             Standard spring
                                                             adds constant-
                                                             tension performance

Durable welded

Stainless steel band                                                 T-bolt available
with floating bridge                                                 in plated steel or
                      Special long-                                  stainless steel
                      travel spring to
                      accommodate larger                     R.G.RAY
                      changes in joint                       Flex Seal™ HD

                      Meets SAE
                      Standard J1508
                      Type SLTB

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